Item #26532 Map of the United States of America. Carey.

Map of the United States of America

NP: NP, (1814). 13 x 17 . Mathew Carey (1760-1839) immigrated from Dublin to Philadelphia in 1784 where he established a print shop and publishing firm the following year. His earliest cartographic publication, an atlas issued in 1794, was among the very first from an American printer. Although never a prolific map publisher, Carey made a number of innovations during his career and his atlas went through a number of editions. This map is from Carey's General Atlas, Improved And Enlarged; Being A Collection Of Maps Of The World And Quarters, Their Principal Empires, Kingdoms, &c. (Philadelphia: 1814), the first atlas made in the United States to employ standard color on the maps. This Map of the United States of America is an updated copy of the U.S. map engraved by Henry Tanner that appeared in the first edition of Melish's Travels In the United States, published in 1812. It shows the extent of the United States past the Mississippi to the large Missouri Territory. The map is filled with early roads, settlements, forts, native villages and towns. A proposed canal extends from Albany to Oneida L. The early territories of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana are noted as is the North West Ter. which takes in the area that would become Wisconsin and Minnesota. The region south of the Missouri River and west of the Mississippi seems well mapped, but north of the Missouri is the legend "Unexplored Country." Mississippi Ter. here includes all of what would become Alabama in 1817, and in the west is the notation ÒYazoo Speculation.Ó The reference is to the Yazoo Land Fraud perpetrated in the 1790's when land speculators used bribery and intimidation to purchase millions of acres of land for next to nothing, resulting in a huge public outcry. States and territories are fully hand colored. There is browning along the center fold from old glue, and some minor spotting mostly marginal. Withal, a handsome map. Item #26532

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