Ethngoraphical Map of Oregon.

NP: American Ethnographical Society, (1854). 8 x 10. A fascinating black and white lithographed map originally published in Transactions of the American Ethnological Society. The map is identified as being "from Hale's Ethnology of the Amer. Exploring Expedition," and its author is Horatio Emmons Hale, an astonishingly young scientist who graduated from Harvard in 1837 at the age of 20 and the following year joined Commander Charles Wilkes's Unites States Exploring Expedition as its chief ethnologist and philologist. He published an ethnographic map of Oregon in the final report of the U.S. Ex. Ex. upon which this smaller version is based. It covers all of the country west of the Rockies between 42¡ and 54¡ N., within which dome 30 tribal area are identified. Many well known tribes have unusual alternative names, for example; "Satsikaa or BlackfeetÉ Selipsh or FlatheadsÉ Upsaroka or Crows." Folded as issued with a couple of misfolds, else crisp. Accompanying the map is Hale's Indians of North-West America (130pp, folding chart), Item #23131

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