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The Golden Era of the South.
Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper - August 16, 1890
NY: Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1890. 20 x 13. Is this best categorized as a print or a map? While a map is at the center of this engraving, the surrounding illustrative material is far more interesting, so my vote (the only one that counts) is that it is a print. It appeared in a supplement to Leslie's, undoubtedly a promotional for southern interests. Here a gentleman gestures at a railway map of the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railway System (substantially augmented by connecting lines) while an audience gapes at a representation of southern prosperity that includes everything from the "blessings of Mother Earth" to winter and summer resorts, rich land, labor and capital, work for all and much more. A florid caption reads, in part, "You can reach forth your hand and almost clutch the gold that the sun rains down with his beams as he takes his daily journey between the cotton field and the coal mine…" The drawing is by Thomas Nast, famed political illustrator. Folded as issued but without binding holes and with a blank verso.

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The Indian Pueblo of Taos.
Schilling, Alexander
NY: J. Dewing Publishing Co., 1888. 11 x 7.5. Photogravure. This is a lush, idealized view of Taos viewed across a stream and through a stand of trees and brush. Two indigenous people are in the middle ground and the multi-storied pueblo is in the near distance. It is from Picturesque California: The Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Slope, California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Etc. (New Mexico obviously falling under the category Etc.). Alexander Schilling (or Shilling, 1860-1937) is primarily associated with the east coast, but his “tonalist” style is visible here in the strong play of dark and light. This is an early view of the pueblo, a decade before the arrival of the artists who would become known as the Taos School. $95

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Phases of the Moon.
Smith's Illustrated Astronomy
NP: NP, 1851. Three images, each 10 by 8. Paper evenly browned, else very good. The three images show the moon in full phase, past the last quarter, and new moon. The white on black images are quite striking. They are from an elementary school book and there is a description of the moon is on the reverse side. Not surprisingly, it is largely descriptive with little mention of origin or geologic activity on the moon. The text does speculate whether or not the moon is inhabited, concluding that while we could not exist there, "The same power that called the moon into existence could as easily constitute beings fitted to inhabit is surface, and enjoy an existence like that of ours."

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